Self Care [in the fast lane]

I saw a sign in a store that says it all: “I always start my diet on the same day… tomorrow.” It’s supposed to be funny… get it? But it speaks to and pokes fun of this notion of “later” that our culture has. I have a similar belief that I’ll relax tomorrow as long […]

Office Space available for Bodyworker or coach, therapist

Hello community, I am writing to you because there is office space available to sublease at the Anam Cara House, a therapy and healing center in Berkeley a 1/2 block from Ashby bart. There are many therapists and bodyworkers here dedicated to using mindfulness and body-based modalities to create wellness and wholeness.   We are not all psychotherapists/MFT folks; we invite […]

The Jaw and TMJ

TMJ/JAW I am consistently fascinated by how the body retains our history and continue to understand our relationship to our experiences through my work. In my bodywork training, I have been particularly interested in the jaw and how it holds our truth and stories. The TMJ is probably the most used joint in our bodies […]

The Importance of Human Touch

Human beings have a biological hunger for touch that can only be fulfilled in contact with other humans. In the early 19th century, infants who were abandoned at birth and transfered into foster homes were dying by the thousands. What we now know about the human brain is that it won’t develop the structures and […]

Reflections from the yoga mat

I am constantly inspired by how much my physical practice of yoga reflects the ways I move through the world and how relevant the teachings are as a metaphor for living life. So, I thought I’d write about it. Here are three nuggets I’ve uncovered through my yoga practice, inspired by my teacher David Schlussel. […]

Transformational Bodywork

I have a bodywork teacher in Gualala named Fred Mitouer who I go see about once a year who has inspired a large part of the direction in my practice. I got to experience what Fred calls Transformational Bodywork, a powerful approach to alleviating deep stresses in the body that may have root causes in […]

New massage studio in Berkeley

I am excited to be working out of a new (for me) massage studio in Berkeley. My space is at the Anam Cara Therapy Center at 2915 Martin Luther King Way. Check out my yelp page for specific hours of availability:

Reconnecting with Food, Reflections from India

One of my desires for my trip to India was to reconnect with the source of my food and explore another culture’s relationship to their eats. I stayed at a farm in the north with a family of 4 and got to experience how they lived off the land. Being a far more agrarian country, […]

Ayurvedic Treatment, Day 1

From the moment I layed down on the uncomfortable fiberglass table, my breath seemed to be restricted to only my chest. It was shallow as if I were preparing for battle. I think I was a little anxious, or atleast my body seemed to think so. But intellectually I understood what was going on. I […]

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